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Efectistas is a leading company dedicated to special effects and stuntmen. Founded in 2007, Efectistas is currently in charge of special effects for the shows of the most important production companies of the Argentine Television (Telefe, Pol-Ka, Underground, among others) as well as cinema and advertisement. With infrastructure and equipment of camera car, flat car, cistern, smoke, snow and bubble machines, grips and weapons. The excellence of its human resources and the most outstanding work teams seen in Argentina make Efectistas a very well-positioned company within the Latin American market. Its extensive expertise, added to the work and experience of its coordinators, has been characterized by raising the quality standards of special effects and individual performance of the technicians and stuntmen.

Efectistas has the first school of stuntmen aimed at the training of actors, actresses and future stuntmen, with classes given by the most recognized coordinators and teachers in Argentina, some of them members of the National Teams of Gymnastics and Tae Kwon Do. It has more than 160 m² of gymnasium and equipment for high jump practice, weapons training, scenic combat, flying, ratchet and climbing wall.

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Bs As, Argentina

Tel: +54 11 4759-8992

Hernan Martinez

Fernando Menghi

Ariel Martinez

Alejandro Penas

Bladimiro Bach

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